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What is fiber recycling process?

Fiber recycling process is the recycling of (wet) waste and production residue from the fiber industry in the material life cycle, aiming to reduce waste and conserve scarce raw materials such as wood, energy, and water. By successfully refining and processing these (wet) residual materials from the chemical fiber industry, GSM is back at the beginning of the production chain as a supplier of high-quality chemical fiber recycling materials and B-grade products.

With its unique process chain, GSM processed over 4,000 tons of production residue and by-products in the year 2015 alone and as such contributes actively and sustainably to the protection of nature, the environment and our climate. By recycling textile secondary raw materials made of, amongst others, viscose, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene in the textile life cycle, GSM not only conserves natural resources but also provides a sustainable contribution to relieving the burden on future generations.

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